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Manufacturers must ensure their product labels provide consumers with all the necessary information, including a list of product ingredients or instructions on how to use the product.

This can be particularly problematic for smaller packs that often don’t have sufficient space. The growing demand for more ‘on pack’ information is, therefore, one of the key challenges that the labels industry faces today.

Below are four reasons why leading brands should consider peel and read or coupon labels.

  1. Perfect design
    Peel and read labels allow manufacturers to provide as much information as they need without compromising their label design or branding. Brands can fully focus on the look of their labels, knowing that they have all the required text in place.
  2. Space for extra information
    Multiple layers give brands the space they need to include additional information such as recipes, nutritional contents and serving suggestions. As the label is firmly attached to the product, manufacturers don’t need to include extra leaflets, which helps the environment by avoiding unnecessary waste.
  3. Branding opportunities
    Peel and read coupons are also great for incorporating vouchers and promotional offers into label designs. This helps increase customer interaction with your brand as shoppers are exposed to other products in your range.
  4. International reach
    When exporting products abroad, some additional space may be required to offer information in different languages. With room for multiple layers, peel and read coupons are perfect for supplying multi-lingual instructions.

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