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Self-adhesive labels for every market 

At Macfarlane Labels we produce versatile labels for every application, including health and beauty, food, household goods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

Our knowledge and expertise in labelling ensure that every single label we produce is of the highest quality, using the latest innovation in technology and techniques. Our capabilities are endless, and we’re here to help take your brand to the next level.

Our expertise enables us to consistently satisfy our customers’ requirements and is enhanced by our in-house studio and repro facilities which supply all our printing plates, allowing us to respond immediately to customers’ requests.

The industries

Perfect labelling for the beverage industry

In a heavily saturated market it’s more important than ever that your beverage labelling stands out from the crowd. Our printing techniques allow us to help make your brand stand out, with a high variety of finishes and high-quality materials available.

We offer labelling solutions for all areas of the beverage industry, including specialist high-end and award-winning labelling for the Beers, Wines and Spirits industry.

health and beauty

Stand out in the health and beauty market

Our expertise in materials, finishes and adhesive options allow for us to tailor labels to suit a variety of environments commonly associated with health and beauty products without compromising on the level of design.

The variety of self-adhesive labels we offer enables us to serve multiple products across a wide range of sectors in the Health and Beauty market, including:

health and beauty

Shampoos & Conditioners

Handwash & Soaps

Bath & Shower Gels


Creams & Moisturisers

Aromatherapy Oils


Dental (Mouthwash)

Hair Colourants


Cosmetic / Make-up Wet Wipes

Durable labels for Household Goods

Labelling for household goods require that extra level of durability to protect them against chemicals and the environments they’re often situated in.

We offer a wide range of printing techniques best suited for this area of labelling and have years of expertise behind us, allowing us to print labelling for products across a wide range of sectors in the household goods market, including:

Household goods

Washing Tablets, Liqui-Tabs, Gels & Liquids

Fabric Conditioners


All Purpose Cleaners

Antibacterial Sprays


Floor Cleaners

Fabric and Upholstery Cleaners

Washing Up Liquid

Wet Wipes

Labelling for the Food Industry

The food industry is one of the most fast-paced, requiring short lead times on high-quality label designs that provide products with a stand-out shelf appeal.

Our labelling solutions for the food industry are endless, from digital printing and high-quality finishes to reseal-it® labelling to maintain product freshness. We create labels for the following sectors within the food industry:

Crisp n Dry oil

Bakery e.g. Biscuits, Cakes, Bread items

Meat Products e.g. Sliced Ham, Sausage Rolls

Cooking Ingredients e.g. Spice Jars, Cooking Oils


Pasta and Rice

Sauces e.g. Condiments, Cooking Sauces

Crisps, Nuts and Snacks

Desserts e.g. Jelly Pots, Yoghurts, Fruit Pots


Accredited labelling for Pharmaceuticals

Certificated to ISO:15378 (Packaging Materials for Medicinal Products), our pharmaceutical labels are subjected to no less than 15 quality inspections during their manufacture.

We offer bespoke printing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry including the following:

PHD burn tub

Braille Labels

Peel and Read

Tamper Evident


Our Printing Capabilities

We understand that every label is unique, and each customer has varied requirements. We have the capabilities to offer the following printing processes:

UV Flexo

Our UV Flexo process allows us to deliver superior quality labels in up to 10 colours, combined with the other capabilities listed below. Utilising the latest HD plate technology and servo drive presses, we can ensure your brands are perfectly presented.

Die Cutting

The rotary die cutting process allows us to create bespoke label shapes for your products. Our advanced machine specifications allow for multiple die-cuts in a wide range of materials.


We manufacture the highest quality digitally printed labels for all your short and medium run needs.

Screen Print

High opacity screen printing allows us to create premium “no label look” products giving unique shelf appeal.


We can provide numerous options including gloss, matt & satin applied in both full and spot coverage as well as other specialist varnishes such as fluorescent, tactile and overprintable.


High-quality foil printing application enhances your product to ensure it stands out from the competition.

Peel and read coupons

Where space can be limited, peel and read coupons allow for additional detail.


Our lamination process allows us to apply protective over-laminate films or create multi-layer labels.

Braille print

We can apply Braille print to your label enabling product identification for visually impaired consumers.


This printing technique will give your labels a premium look creating areas of depth and texture allowing your product to stand out from the crowd.

Print on Reverse/Adhesive

We can produce reverse printed labels where the print is on the underside or the adhesive of the label.

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