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Our Reseal-it® team are attending the Packaging & Converting Executive Forum (PACE) USA in Chicago on the 17th and 18th May.

This year’s meeting is themed around Unlocking the key to a successful packaging design process to deliver a functional, appealing and engaging product and will focus on Design and Innovation.

Over 100 packaging design and innovative development experts will gather together to exchange expertise and share views on topics such as brand management, value-added packaging, personalisation and functional design. A great emphasis will be put on improving product impact, customer engagement and functional delivery.

Angela Campbell, Resealable Labels Director at Macfarlane Labels, will contribute to the meeting by presenting a talk on “Promoting healthy lifestyles and convenience through effective packaging”.

She will discuss the effects of packaging on product freshness, portion control and sharing, and will highlight some of the main methods for waste reduction and sustainability.

To find out more about PACE USA 2017, please visit: http://www.arena-international.com/paceusa/

For more information on Reseal-it®, go to: https://www.resealit.com/