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In recent years resealable packaging has been considered as the FMCG packaging standard for consumer convenience.

According to Investor Opinion, the packaging market has become highly competitive. Packaging presentation, research and development are key factors influencing manufacturers to develop innovative packaging products.

Conferring with Transparency Market Research it is predicted that by 2024 resealable packaging market will grow and will diversify into new markets, providing customers with more packaging variety.

Customers are at the heart of resealable packaging

Currently, the highest presence of resealable packaging products can be observed in FMCG sectors such as food, beverages, cosmetics and personal care as well as healthcare and toiletries. The reason for that is, customers enjoy convenient re-closable packaging with a smooth and functional appearance.

Likewise, the ability to control portions and keep products fresh is equally imperative. Hence, customer preference towards small and convenient packaging is driving the packaging market. It is expected that the resealable packaging market will grow further and diversify into healthy snacks, baby food, and children products markets.

Positive effect on lifestyle busy street lifestyle

With most people having a fast and busy lifestyle, resealable packaging adds convenience to be easily stored and re-opened on the go.

Nevertheless, with increased customer care for Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability, materials used in FMCG packaging are similarly important. According to Eurostat, it is predicted that plastic will remain the preferred packaging material due to its sustainable character and lightweight property.

Tackling food waste more than ever packaging

Based on Future Market Insights, in coming years manufacturers of FMCG resealable packaging will have to focus more on packaging features when the product is unconsumed. Thus, allowing a user to store the product conveniently. Some of the suggested packaging designs already used by Reseal-it® are: films, pull taps and seals. Using these packaging techniques, food waste can be significantly decreased.