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Labels are a vital part of packaging and can serve as a simple and effective marketing tool for any business. But with so many different options available on the market, one may wonder how to choose the right label type for their products.

Below is a brief overview of selected label types.

Laminated labels

Laminated labels are ideal for providing a high-quality look with deep and bright colours. The coating protects the underlying materials from chemicals and water and ensures that all grease and dirt can be easily removed. They are available in gloss, matte, and satin finishes, so and can be customised to suit different needs.

Polypropylene labels

Polypropylene is a tough and durable material that protects labels from tearing and flexing. These labels are resistant to heat, cold and moisture, therefore can be used in the environmental conditions that are usually not suitable for standard paper labels. Some of the most common applications include water bottles, cosmetics, toiletries and household products.

Vinyl labels

Vinyl is a type of plastic sticker that provides strong, stiff and tear-resistant labels for a wide variety of products. They are suitable for use in various weather conditions, however, these may require a special printing machine for production. They come in different thicknesses and qualities such as permanent and removable applications, UV resistance and bubble free.


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